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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Safety on the Farm

Blueberry Thrill Farm is a working farm and not an amusement park. Visiting a working farm involves risk. Please help us provide you and your family with a safe and rewarding experience by following these guidelines.

COVID-19 Extra Precautions:

  • Hand washing/sanitizer will be provided upon arriving and leaving the farm.
  • Check-in at the red, white and blue tent.
  • New buckets are provided
  • Maintain appropriate social distance and follow other guidelines recommended by CDC and state/local experts
  • Follow instructions about where to pick, do not wander around in the fields

Food Safety:

  • Wash your hands before and after picking, after using the bathroom, and after eating. A hand washing station is provided for your convenience.
  • Clean picking containers are provided. Leave your containers at home.
  • Wait to eat your fruit after you have left the field and wash the fruit before eating it.
  • Pick fully ripe fruit straight from the plant that are free from cuts, bruises, mold and bugs. Do not pick up fruit off the ground.


  • Leave your pet at home. Food safety rules prohibit pets from entering food production or selling areas.

What to wear:

  • Picking your own fruit can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, yet there are risks! Dress to protect yourself from the gifts of Mother Nature! On any day you may experience dew covered branches and vines, muddy fields, intermittent rain showers, hot sun, high humidity, bees and bugs! Yes, there are bees and bugs on a working farm, so be sure to bring what you need if you are allergic to anything.

In the field:

  • At the first sign of severe weather, such as a thunder and lightning, leave the field immediately!
  • Stay in the pick your own area. For your safety, other areas of the farm are off limits for exploration.
  • Carts may able available for your use. It is not safe to stand or ride in these carts.

Blueberry Thrill Farm reserves the right to remove folks from our fields at any time.

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